1st Missionary

The 1st Missionary to Srirangam | Pastor Chacko

It’s a great pleasure to introduce a godly pastor who obeys his call undoubtedly whose name is pastor Chacko. Pastor Chacko was the first missionary of srirangam. He had born in Kerala, south India. He had no children; they are fulltime committed ministerial workers. He and his wife who travel by have foot through from Kerala to Tamil Nadu and by the guidance of god’s word finally he settled down in srirangam. Moreover they were well and aged and constantly they confirmed must fasting and prayer. Like this they perpetuated in Lords ministry. The Lord granted us to intimate and participate in prayer meeting. He is very bold and faithful man. Once he reached the destiny that what god has shown he never went back to his home town for any occasion, they faced a lot of problems and obstacle but they stood for our Lord Jesus Christ. He stayed in a small house at second floor; they had only three vessels and few dhotis and sarees. The opposed damage their vessels whereas they can’t touch the soul of vessel which was over flowed by the Holy Spirit.

Due to the malady of his wife, she passed away in 60’s, to be with Lord and he gave a Christian burial in srirangam. Since we hold hard severe suffering and lacking, we couldn’t help each other. Yet he sustained much in his prayer and during his last days he told me, “though I am not able to uphold you in materially yet I am joy full to see a dedicated family who ministry in srirangam and now I am happy to depart”. In 70’s he passed away, to be with Lord. Likewise after his death, we gave him Christian burial in srirangam. He is the man of God who blessed our family immensely.

Thank God for all his desperate prayer which he had done for us and for srirangam.

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