About us


Our History

In the year 1979 God gave a vision to do a mission among the people who lived in the island of Srirangam. Pastor Rajendran responded HIS call and he resigned his job to do “HIS” mission without any doubt he settled in Srirangam, in the year 1983 with what he had but not with any social influence and he started his ministry by personal evangelism, tract distribution and dawn preaching.  In 1987, the Sunday worship has been started in the small hut; in the midst of difficulties and suffering God enable him to continue “His” mission according to his will.

God had laid burden in the heart of Pastor Rajendran to Preach his living word the bread of life to hungry soul,

“So we are a “house of bread.” O that people might always feed on Christ the living bread when they come to Bethlehem! Might we all be nourished not only by natural bread but “by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God”! But yes by natural bread too, as in the early church: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”Can we be a people with hearts large enough to embrace with gratitude both the scholarly enterprise and the simple joy of breaking bread together? What a great example we would be!

 According to God’s Call & Vision our ministry had witnessed, people being received Gospel and saved. And many were healed physically & spiritually. Moreover many of them were witnessing the work of God around the globe.  All the Glory and Honor to God alone.”

Our Mission:

Our mission at House of Bread Church is to lead people to a life of faith in Christ Jesus then on to lives that are fully devoted to him

Our philosophy of ministry signifies in three sub title…

  • Connect:  To connect people to their creator
  • Cause:  That people would find a purpose of worth living for and dying for
  • Community: To provides people with true relationship with others

Our other Objectives:

  • To motivate our believers to establish God’s kingdom.
  • To plant new churches and support Christian workers spiritually, financially and socially.
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